Ground surface treatment in architectural visulisations

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This is a well known and mastered topic but today we would like to narrowly focus on one aspect – picking an adequate method for recreating our ground-scapes in still images.

2D or be 3D, that is the question?

Without going into technicalities – one way to approach the task is – to render our 3D scene with a “as close as” material that has no expressed joints and then overlay in Photoshop (our other 2D editing software of choice) our preferred/planned type of texture.

Like the image above, for example where the ground surface material has been recreated in 2D, so to speak.

Second option, the 3D approach – sometime, the only option! When we have a very specific layout to follow, we do need to create a 3D model based on the landscape design and render with the rest of the 3D content of our scene. See bellow.

Now that we exposed the two sides of the coin – which one is “better” ? Well, how about – the right one for the occasion! There are obvious pros and cons for each one. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver prompt and efficient solutions to our clients and use time and efforts/budget wisely.

It does help, having a broader pallet of tools to work with and employ them wisely.

Happy Creating!

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